The Locker Room Trailer

Through These Walls (Opening Scene)

Changeling was a music video made to raise cell cancer awareness.

Directed and Composed by Ivaana Muse

One Night Stand

Choose Drugs

The Locker Room is an episodic series, that features various colligate athletes and sports facilities. We give you an inside look of some of the best facilities' state-of-the-art equipment and rituals, hosted by current or former alumni athletes. 

The pilot episode was shot at Plymouth State University, hosted by senior soccer captain, Laura Davis.; see the entire episode

Camera Test for In-Production :60 spot for Ambesonne curtains, sold on Amazon and Wayfair.

Choose Drugs is 1 of 5 of the vignettes that plays into Through These Walls.

Role: Co Producer; 2nd AD 

One Night stand is a comedy about two people who have a one night stand but have completely different thoughts of what their fling means.

Ambesonne by 3Decor, LLC

Changeling Music Video

Through These Walls is a series of vignettes that follow different people who live in the same complex emphasizing the motif of how well we know our neighbors.

Role: Co Producer; 2nd AD